Funny Animals Videos

Funny Animals Videos

Which better way then smile to start your day?

Sometimes even the behavior of animals is funny, especially when there is interaction with humans. More difficult is to interact with wild animals. In this case, is better to wait for the natural funny moments, need to be lucky but is possible.

Joke of the day

African hunters

One day two friends visit Paris and realize that crocodile shoes have become the fashion of the moment.
Then one says to the other:
“What if we start a company and open a crocodile shoe store in Italy?
And the other answers:
“But we do not have crocodiles!”
“Do not worry, let’s go to Africa and catch some.”
The two friends, without wasting time, leave for Africa.
They arrive in front of a river and see a huge crocodile. They go after him and after more than an hour of struggle, they manage to capture him.
After observing it well, one of the two friends says:
“We did all this for nothing!”
And the other:
“Because he does not have shoes!”

Master Yoda

For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.

Funny Animals Videos

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