Funny Animals Wild Or Domestic

A very cleaver young gazelle

In the African savannah, a gazelle mother is explaining to her little daughter what it means for them to live there … “You see, child, this is the harsh law of nature.

Every morning at dawn a gazelle wakes up, gets up and starts running and immediately afterwards the lion also wakes up and starts chasing it …”

The little gazelle mulls over her mother’s words and then replies: “Do you know what I’m telling you, mum? That from now on I’ll sleep a lot, a lot, a lot and get up very late!”

An animal-friendly ventriloquist

A ventriloquist arrives in a village and sees a farmer sitting with a dog, a horse and a sheep: “What a beautiful dog! Do you mind if I talk to him?”.

And the farmer: “This dog does not speak!”.

But the ventriloquist insists: “Hey dog, how are you?”. And the dog: “Good”.

The farmer is a bit shocked.

The ventriloquist continues: “Is he your master?”.

And the dog: “Yes”. “And how does he treat you?”. “Good.

He takes me around and gives me great food.” The farmer is more and more upset. The ventriloquist then asks: “May I speak to the horse?”.

The farmer replies: “Horses don’t talk!”.

But the ventriloquist asks the horse: “Hey horse, how are you?”. And the horse: “Good!”. The farmer is increasingly shocked.

The ventriloquist asks the horse: “Is he your master?”. And the horse: “Yes”. “How does he treat you?”. “Well, he cleans me often and gives me good food.”

The farmer is now completely upset. The ventriloquist asks him: “Do you mind if I talk to your sheep?”.

And the peasant, upset, shouts: “That sheep is a great liar!”.

Two really cultured goats

Two hungry goats wander in the desert, suddenly they see the reel of a film in the middle of the sand.

The first goat screams: “Look! Finally something to eat!” and devours the entire film in seconds.

The other goat looks at his companion in amazement and exclaims: “So, how is it?”.

And the first: “Well, I’ll tell you … the book was better”.

God and his perfect creatures

It is the end of the world and all animals pass before God

The giraffe asks him: listen to God but why did you make me this long neck that everyone made fun of? You see it served you to eat the tall leaves of the trees.

You are my perfect creature

The elephant arrives and asks: – Look God but why did you make me these big ears that everyone makes fun of? You need them to get some air.

You are my perfect creature

The hen comes and says: Listen! Few bullshit. Next time or the bigger butt or the smaller eggs.

The cat and the mouse

A cat hasn’t been able to catch a mouse in a long time worried that they will replace him with another cat, so he decides to change tactics he gets out of the rat hole and starts barking the mouse.

Believing that he is a dog, goes out quietly, sure not to meet cats so the cat takes it the mouse feels bad and tells him: this is not the case, you must meow not bark and the cat: today, if you don’t speak at least two languages, you won’t work.

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