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Funny Bunny And The King Of The Forest

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The rabbit and the king of the forest

A bunny stands in the forest and humming jumps in here and there. He meets a giraffe who asks him: “Bunny, are you not afraid to meet the lion?” And he replies: “If I meet the lion I will slap him”. Walking, leaping and whistling he meets a hippopotamus who asks him: “Bunny what do you do alone in the forest, you are not afraid to meet the lion?” And the bunny replies: “If I meet the lion I will slap him” and continues his walk whistling and leaping. Suddenly turning around a boulder is the face lion: “Bunny that you do in the forest?” And he replies: “Majesty whistle, hop, walk and I say bullshit!”

The crazy shepherds

One morning a shepherd realizes that one of his sheep is sick. He climbs up the hill and calls his neighbor loudly: “Joshua! Joshua “. Joshua leaves the house and shouts: “What is it?!?”. And the shepherd “What gave you to your sheep when he was sick?”. “La turpentine”. “The turpentine ???”. “Yes, turpentine!”. “It should be ‘thanks”. Two days pass and the shepherd climbs up the hill: “Joshua! Joshua! “. “What’s up?”. “What did you say you gave us to your sheep when he was sick?” “La turpentine”. “And why mine died, then?”. “….mine too!”

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