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Funny Dogs

The dog and the mother-in-law

A man goes to find his neighbor and knocks on his door. The neighbor replies:
– Yup ?
– Hi, I’m coming to see you because your dog has bitten my mother-in-law twice!
– Oh no! You are not serious! I will make sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s usually not bad, do you want to be compensated?
– I don’t want to be compensated, I want to buy your dog!

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Attention, aggressive parrot!

A man walks on the street. Hanging on the door at the entrance of a garden, he sees a sign: “BEWARE AGGRESSIVE PARROT”
In the garden he actually sees a parrot, attached to a perch. Man, a bold type, laughs when he sees the little creature who has nothing to fear. Deciding to challenge fate, he crosses the barrier and enters the garden. As soon as he takes two steps, the parrot shouts:
– Rex, attack !!!
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