Funny lions

Funny lions

Funny lions

Where does a lion sleep? Wherever he wants!

 What is the size of a lion, but weighs nothing? His shadow!

 When does a lion say bau bau? When he is learning a new language.

 How do you take a lion’s temperature? Very carefully!

 Do you prefer a monkey that hits your head with a coconut or a lion biting you? I’d rather have a monkey hit the lion with a coconut.

Savannah. Sunny afternoon. Three lions are hidden in the bushes, ambushing a poor gazelle, which grazes unaware a few meters from them. The lions advance slow, cautious and silent. Suddenly, the gazelle senses danger and flees. The three lions remain motionless, they look at each other in dismay for a few moments, then one says: “Come on, who farted?”

What is the animal that the lion, king of the jungle, fears the most? The lioness!

Two tourists wandering through the savannah without weapons suddenly see a lion coming towards them. One of them quickly opens his backpack and starts putting on his tennis shoes. “You’re crazy if you think you’re running faster than a lion!” the other says. And the first one: “Of course not, but I want to run faster than you!”

The missionary to the lion: “Lord, inspire the lion with Christian sentiments”. The lion: “Lord, thank you for the food you sent me”

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