Funny Orangutan At The Zoo

Jokes of the day

Dedicated to our loved worldwide imprisoned animals

General Administration of Tropical Zoos and Gardens


Dear Madam, Sir,

The rigor of this winter that caused a lot of mortality among the inhabitants of the New York zoo and especially among the monkeys, sees us in the obligation to replace our dead animals with humans who offer the maximum resemblance to our dear extinct .

The Society for the Protection of Animals in your area has been kind enough to give us your name and address.

Following the description of your body, the length of your hair and your relaxed nature, we have chosen you without hesitation because your grimaces, even if lower than those of our monkeys, will surely make the happiness and joy of the public.

Considering your silence as an assent, a truck will pick you up at your place in the next few days.

It is superfluous and absolutely useless to start making strange faces on the truck, no one would appreciate them.

You will begin to make your own verses BEHIND THE BARS.

Please accept, my dear, our best regards.

Mr. Orang Utan


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