Funny parrots and his friends

Funny parrot

Funny parrots – In London, a very elegant City banker with bowler hat, umbrella, cane and black suit meets a punk with red and green hair at a bus stop.
The old banker looks at the punk with an air of disdain. Punk asks him: – Do you have a problem? To see you, I suspect that you have never done anything eccentric of your life.
The banker considers him for a moment: “To tell the truth, young man, yes. Once I loved a parrot and I was wondering if you could not be my son.

Funny parrots in freezer

What do we recognize a male parrot from a female parrot?
They are put one after the other in the refrigerator. The man who yells “close the doors, we freeze them here!” Is the male.

The carousel

You have a lion in front of you, a shark behind you, a crocodile on your right, a rhinoceros on your left. How are you doing to save yourself?
You come down from the carousel …

A funny elephant

What does an elephant say to a naked man?
It’s cute but you get to catch peanuts with that?

Funny parrots in video

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