Funny shepherds

Jokes of the day

The talking dog

A shepherd and his dog are leading the cows to pasture when suddenly one of the cows miraculously begins to speak: “Good morning shepherd.”
The upset man runs away, followed by his dog. After three kilometers of stops to catch his breath, he looks at the dog and says: “Good heavens, what a fear!”
And the dog replies: “Yes, it was terrible!”

The electrician dog

Three shepherds argue among themselves over who has the smartest dog. The first says: “My dog closes the sheep in the enclosure, feeds them and watches them all night.”
“This is nothing,” says the second, “mine closes them in the enclosure, feeds them, watches them all night, brings me the paper every morning and makes a triple somersault”.
“My poor dog …” says the third with tears in his eyes.
“What happened to him?” The other two ask in chorus.
“He died with an electric shock”
“Struck by lightning?”
“No, he was fixing my TV”

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