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God and the animals

A group of animals not happy with their physical appearance decided to rebel and therefore send a delegation directly to discuss with God.
The delegation consisting of a Giraffe, an Elephant and a Hen arrives in Paradise and waits to be received.
Finally, the giraffe enters.
– Dear giraffe what drives you here?
– Sir, I feel so ugly and strange with this long neck, it’s really shameful, it’s not that you could see my physical appearance again?
– Ungrateful creature, question the work of the Lord !? I have studied long before creating you, you are perfection. Look well and think: that neck you need to go to eat the most delicious food and to breathe the cleanest air.
– You’re right, Lord, I had not thought about it, what a fool I was.
The giraffe comes out happy and all sprightly.

Enters the elephant
– You too here, do not you tell me that you want to complain?
“But is it possible that I should have such a long nose and such large ears?”
– Ingrata !! You are the symbol of perfection, you are a creature complete with optionals, those ears you need to cool off when it is hot and with that nose, you can drink without bending over. Others would pay gold to get what you have. Go away and be ashamed!
The convinced elephant goes out all happy, because the hen strikes them:
– But let me understand, we came up here to complain and to make us do more beautiful and instead you come out such and more satisfied?
La Giraffa:
– Of course but do not you see that I’m perfect? I can eat the best food above the trees and breathe the best air; you would like to be like me, eh !!
The Elephant:
– Even I do not see it as I’m beautiful, I’m a conditioned animal, I can refresh when I’m hot and I can drink without getting dirty, you’d like to be like me, eh !!
The hen collects without saying anything and enters decided by God.
– You too ungrateful here to complain? !! You are the perfect …..
The hen interrupts him immediately:
– Do not invent anything! Or the smaller egg or the bigger butt !!!

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