Funny wildlife hilarious moments

Funny animals hilarious moments

funny wildlife hilarious moments

Hilarious moments are necessary, disconnect your mind from stressing thought and make you more gentle and animals lover, watch even others here

A graduate dog

“At the corner of a residential area there is a group of stray dogs … at a certain point a purebred dog peeps out and exclaims” MIAOO. “The stray dogs look puzzled … and one of them asks:” But what did he say?! “… and another replied:” Do not think so … He studied languages! ”

The last party of shrimp

Two shrimps meet at a party and one notices that the other is a bit sad and asks him:
– “what’s up?”
– “nothing”
– “Come on I see you worried …”
– “yes, it’s true … it’s my sister …”
– “What happened to her?”
– “Last night she went to a cocktail … and she’s not back yet!”


funny wildlife hilarious moments
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