Greta Thunberg And The Climate Change

Greta Thunberg – the new activism symbol

Climate change and clichés

It is also thanks to Greta Thunberg if is now clear that climate change is a severe problem; and that is afflicting our planet. But what is it, and what is meant by climate change?
Let’s start with a fact: we commonly led to think that things will be tomorrow like today. Instead, it is what we hope because this condition would give us a feeling of security. If tomorrow is like today, I don’t have to worry because I already know them. The problem is that the world, the universe, never remains the same. In the temporal flow, everything changes continuously and continuously. Our planet, beyond the work of man, is continually evolving. The core of the planet earth is a fiery ball, as shown by volcanoes, and as we know, this fiery ball cools over time, just as the sun cools. Fortunately for us, the time-space in which this cooling event happens is enormous; we talk about billions of years regarding the sun. About earth, there are many theories, because the climate is influenced by the effect of the sun.

Two types of climate change

There are two types of climate change on the planet earth, one due to the effect of the sun and one due to the impact of human interaction. For the interaction of the sun, one of the most popular theories says that the sun does not always send us the same amount of heat, but rather it is a flow that looks like a wave because it varies according to its magnetic fields. This would demonstrate the various climatic phases of the recent past, wherein a few decades, we went from glaciations to overheating. It is very important to understand that it is only a theory that awaits the test of facts. However, there is always the other type of climate change caused by human interaction with the environment.

Human interaction and environment

It is essential to understand how impressive the impact of human interaction on the environment is. Some years ago, while walking on an Indian ocean beach, I stopped to look at what the sea had brought to shore. It was impressive the amount of plastic present among the algae that the tide brought every day to the beach. I felt uncomfortable because I had perceived a problem that did not have a practical solution easily applicable. I realized that only a global cultural change could remedy this situation. Then I thought that plastic was just what my eyes were able to perceive. In reality, all that the earth cannot hold back end up in the waters of the oceans. Substances and waste are thrown into the rivers because once in the water, we no longer know who threw them. But whoever threw them out, those who pollute without scruples know that sooner or later that crap also ends up on his table?

A cultural short circuit

Large multinationals or in any case, large industries are managed by a myriad of people who are part of a cog from which it seems impossible to escape. Yet even they eat and drink like everyone else, and they too like everyone eats and drinks the fruit of old profit logic. As if fame money succeeded, the social position could justify the lack of attention to themselves, towards the person.
But it is not only this; it lacks a cultural base that allows creating things compatible with an environment that is as healthy as possible. After all, what do we do when we work? We create things, objects, services that serve us. The principle of conservation of mass says that nothing can be created and nothing can be destroyed, everything is transforming. Let’s do it so that if I have to produce glass, I don’t have to produce in the same time poison, which sooner or later will end up in the water that will fill that very glass.
It would all be easier if the highest ranks of these companies set a good example; this could greatly accelerate this environmental awareness.

The deniers

Some people think climate change is not the fault of man. These people bring theories like the one mentioned above as evidence. It is a rather silly thing; that theory is not at all incompatible with human-made climate change. On the contrary, it makes the scenario even more catastrophic because it will generate effects that we do not know. They have never occurred before, and we do not know what to do could bring. In the past, scientists had warned about the problems that are occurring in our era, but they did not know the extent of it. Today we know it, and we know that we are taking the planet beyond the no-return line.

Greta Thunberg and climate change

In 2018 a young girl was chosen to speak in front of the COP24 climate conference in Katowice in Poland. She will say things like, “You say you love your children above all else, and yet you’re stealing their future in front of their very eyes.” The force of branching out of traditional media and social media makes her face, her words a planetary event, within a few days, she becomes the most famous child in the world. Greta brings a clear message of few words, young people who are much more empathetic than adults immediately perceive it and act as a vehicle to make it reach adults too. To hear her say, “You say you love your children above all else and yet you’re stealing their future in front of their very eyes” is a profound, relentless coup, an indictment without appeal. And there is also a relentless ruling. “We have come here to let you know that change is coming whether you like it or not. The real power belongs to the people!”.

Activism a taboo to debunk – the Greta Thunberg lesson

Many people think that being activists for any cause is, in most cases, a waste of time. That for ten people who do something, there are thousands who do nothing. Basically, this is wrong reasoning; In fact, as Greta Thunberg demonstrates but also another very nice activist like Captain Paul Watson, when ideas are good and concern the good of all, it is difficult, but even in a few you can make the difference. It takes sure courage, the courage to get involved, to sacrifice some time, but above all, the courage to change one’s cultural heritage in favor of new ideas and behaviors that lead to a more livable world for everyone. Being an activist does not mean simply going around the streets to demonstrate with a sign, yes, of course, that is important but more important of all is to set an example.


We can all do something in our own small way; indeed, we have to do something. Personally, I would like to see Greta Thunberg go back to school and study to become intellectually stronger because without study there is no culture, and without culture, we cannot fight the enemies of our time. Today we are all called to make an extra effort because the future that lies ahead has many dark sides. The civilization of machines is coming and must be considered by the new generations as a positive challenge. To win it, however, it is necessary for people to return to considering ethics as an inalienable principle, and it must be demanded of all, above all for those who occupy positions of power such as politicians, great financiers, and managers of industry, otherwise, we will continue to drink from that poisoned glass.

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