The Horses Of The Desert Race

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The horses of the desert race

A competitor from Paris Dakar breaks his car in the desert. Look for the fault, can not find it.
It’s just … Suddenly, a horse appears next to him.
– “Hello, are you down?” he asks the horse.
The man thinks he is dreaming. It’s the beginning of madness, he told himself.
– “No problem,” said the horse, plunging his head under the bonnet to examine the engine “get behind the wheel and turn the key”.
The boy runs to turn the key, the engine starts on the first attempt.
Without asking his rest, he goes to the first village.

Once there he stops in front of the first bistro and orders a beer. At the barista who serves him, he tells his story.

Without interrupting the bartender, he returns to his activity. So our man turns to another consumer who tells his adventure again.
– “What color was the horse?” he asks the guy
– “White, all white”

The boy finishes his drink, gives him a pat on the back, – “We can say that you were lucky if you had met the black horse you would still be dying of thirst …”
– “Why?” asks the pilot
– “The black horse is zero in mechanics”

The Three Funny Little Pigs

The school teacher tells a famous fairy tale to introduce her six-year-old students to classical literature. At the program of the day, The Three Little Pigs.

She starts:
– Once upon a time, there were three piglets who wanted to build their house. The first pig had decided to build a straw house.

The children are fascinated and the teacher continues:
– Walking on the road, the first pig meets a brave farmer who pushes a wheelbarrow. In this wheelbarrow, there are several straw bales. The pig does not hesitate and asks if he can buy them …

The teacher stops and, to check if the children follow well, asks them:
“What do you think the farmer will answer?

Little Peter raises his hand and says:
– I think he will say: Oh damn, a pig talking …


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