Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

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is the iconic sled dog race which can permit us to talk about the wild Alaska and about the famous sled dogs. Sled dogs are domestic of course but are you sure of that? Really a dog who do a strong job like that and in that environment for many days can be considerate just domestic?

The origin of Iditarod

It is organized from 1976 for “celebrate” the heroic run by the bests mushers of Alaska which in the 1925 they saved Nome’s city from diphtheria epidemic threatened. The supply of antitoxin was expired so the doctor decide to ask help for to have new valid antitoxin.

The distance from Anchorage is thousand miles away, the whether was bad and the sea full of icebergs so no flights and no seals. Just a solution remain, to use the train up to and then a chain of mushers up to Nome. Was been necessary to use 20 mushers but at the end the antitoxin arrived to Nome and saved the population from epidemic.

Iditarod sled dog
The beautiful Togo CC BY-SA 3.0

Of course is looking like simple but you imagine the environmental condition, -40 degree, bad whether, snow, ice in one of more wild land of earth. It was a real epic adventure and they has been heroic mans and dogs.

There born the legend of Balto, We need to explain something for to permit understanding, between the mushers there was Leonhard Seppala, the better musher of Alaska, he won all the strongest races with his leader dog Togo and he was owner even of Balto, he gave Balto at Gunnar Kaasen. Balto was considered not good leader from Seppala. But sometimes the way of popularity need even to be lucky.

Kaasen with Balto was been the last one in the relay so was who arrived in Nome with the antitoxin and has been celebrate like a star. Even now in Central Park in New York there is the statue of Balto. We need to give at Cesar what is of Cesar, Seppala with the fantastic dog Togo is who did the more difficult, full of risks and long relay with 91 km.

If Seppala and Togo was the bests is necessary to remove the competition from the scene and to think that 20 mushers with their fantastic dogs has saved a population from the epidemic, that is important, first or last everyone gave is contribute, and without was not possible to reach the goal.

Today many other races are born and one is like sister of original Iditarod but without dogs, is Iditarod trail invitational, where you can run footing, ski or bicycle, a very strong challenge 1000 miles long, just for iron man.

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