In The African Savannah

In the African Savannah

Gazelle teaching

In the African savannah, mom gazelle is explaining to her daughter what it means for them to live there …
“See, my daughter, this is the harsh law of nature: every morning at dawn a gazelle wakes up, gets up and starts running and immediately afterward the lion wakes up and starts chasing her …”
The little gazelle broods over her mother’s words and then replies: “Do you know what I tell you, mum? That from now on I will sleep a lot, a lot, a lot and I will get up very late!”

The parrots engineers

A guy comes into a pet store to buy a parrot.
The shopkeeper warns that he only has three and very expensive.
The first costs 10,000 euros and is able to program a computer, the second costs 50,000 euros and in addition to programming is able to design computers.
The third costs 100,000 euros.
The intrigued guy asks: “And what’s special about it?”.
And the shopkeeper: “I do not know, but the other two call him a professor!”

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