India One Of The Biggest Wildlife Paradise

India One Of Biggest Wildlife Paradise

India The Wildlife Paradise.

Flag Of India

Country: India

Official Language: Hindi and English

Area: 3,287,263 sq Km

Population : 1.3 Bl

Capital city: New Delhi

Largest city: Mumbai


Wildlife of India
By Whoisagoodgirl – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

In India, there are 4 important ecozones. The Himalaya, the Indo-Gangetic plains,  the Deccan Plateau, and the Ghats.

In India are presents the 7.6% of world’s mammal, the 12.6 birds, and 6.2 of reptiles. With this numbers, it is easy to understand the great importance of India in the global ecosystem.

Parks and Sanctuaries

India has a quantity of Parks and sanctuaries for wildlife. Actually, there are 89 National Parks and 515 wildlife sanctuaries. These parks protect 172 species of threatened wild animals. The list is very long so will list below just the most noteworthy.

Indian Elephant, Indian rhinoceros, Royal Bengal tiger, Indochinese tiger, Asiatic Lion, India leopard, snow leopard.

Also, there are sloth bear, Asian black bear, Indian wolf, Himalayan wolf, striped hyena, saltwater crocodile, golden jackal.

An important Park for us is the Gir National Park. Just because there lives the Asiatic Lion. He is the only lion living out of Africa, and he lives in Gir. Anyway, it is very important the efforts in the safeguard of tigers efforts. As a result of more census realized in the recent years, the Tigers’ population is increasing. Soon as possible we will add some information about the most important National Parks and Sanctuaries.


India Map
Map of India – Author Cacahuate, Ravikiran Rao, Nichalp CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0

The Indian Constitution states that the wildlife must be protected. In addition, even the citizen must respect and protect the wild animals. The major project is the Project Tiger, born in 1972 is actually on.  This project has encountered many issues in his development. First of all, the poaching that in the past was very active in the country.

Then there is the human/animals conflict. As in many other countries in the world, the sharing of the habitat is not simple. Fortunately, the new generations have better vision. They understand the big opportunity arriving from the wildlife travels. So is implicit the maintaining in good the wildlife of their country.

The benefit of the wildlife travel industry will be for the whole population. Perhaps will help to decrease the poverty. Unfortunately are so many the Indian in poverty condition.

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