Ivory Ban UK Take A Great Action

Ivory Ban UK Take A Great Action

Ivory ban, from the UK, is arriving the biggest strictly law ever. After years where politician discuss and at the same time poachers kill 55 African elephants per day, is arriving the final law.

As reported in this article, this is a winning of the people. A public consultation has demonstrated the people agree with this act. So the law will be an expression of the popular will. And it is meaning the UK people love animals and they approve protection.

A study last of year show that the UK in the recent years has been the first legal ivory trade. This law will stop the trade of Ivory even ancient with the exclusion of very small things.

This act by is very important because the UK is a big country and consequently can be a leader in the war against elephant killing.

But is not enough, will be necessary more countries follow the UK example. If we want the action to become effectively incisive we need the largest action possible.
Currently, we talk about 20.000 elephants killed per year. About one-third of the elephant’s population is killed in the last decade. One of the Big Five is seriously endangered he need help.

Source: The Guardian


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