Joke Of An Unlucky Goat

Joke of the day

An unlucky goat

A guy finds a well in the middle of a field.
To try to understand how deep it is to decide to throw in a stone; he throws it but does not hear the latest after several seconds.
Try with a larger rock, but also with this nothing splash.
Then take a huge boulder and throw it into the well.
Finally, after a good minute, you can hear a nice splash.
After a few seconds, he feels a paunch behind him; he turns and sees a billy goat coming up to meet with a low head and running like a madman; when he realizes that it is really towards him, the guy climbs on the frightened well; the goat comes running and, jumped the wall, throws himself into the well. After a while, a peasant arrives asking the guy: “Excuse me, did not you see a billy goat?”.
And the guy: “Why do you ask me?”.
The farmer: “Well, you see, I tied it to a rock with a long rope but now I can not find it anymore!”

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