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When the parrot meet ice

A boy buys a beautiful parrot but he can only say swear words and blasphemies.
After vain attempts to change the language to the beast, the boy takes him by the neck and shouts to stop, but that nothing, worse than before. In the end, he closes it in a dark closet, but there, too, nothing, the parrot blasphemies and speaks worse than a hauler.
The desperate boy finally puts it in the freezer … they spend a couple of minutes and no longer hears anything … total silence.
Reopens the freezer and the parrot climbs on his arm, saying: “Forgive me, my conduct was really deplorable, I assure you Commendatore that will not happen again …”
The boy is amazed … the parrot beats him with the wing on his shoulder, and says: “Just out of curiosity … but the CHICKEN thing he did ???”

😆 😆 😆 😆

A poor pig

A friend visits a long-standing farmer and sees a pig with a wooden leg on his farm. Intrigued by that scene he asks his farmer friend: What happened to that pig? Has a misfortune happened to him? Why do you have a wooden leg?
And the farmer: Nooo, is that we are so fond of that pig … that we decided to eat it a little at a time !!!

 😆 😆 😆 😆


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