Jokes between poodle and parrot

A huge trucker sits in a bar for a drink, when a lousy little guy comes in and asks who owns the pit bull who is out.
The trucker yells “It’s MY dog! You have a problem ? “
The little guy answers “No, there is nothing but I think that my dog ​​has just killed yours …”
The trucker gets up and says, “WHAT! But what do you have as a dog? “
The other guy answers “A dwarf poodle”
” A poodle ! The trucker shouts, “How can a poodle kill a pit bull? “
“Well,” says the guy, “I think he choked on”

A man brings a parrot home and he says to his wife:
– I paid 2,000 balls at the auction hall. It must be said that we were ten amateurs to dispute it … And the strongest is that I do not even know if he speaks!
– How, if I do not speak? Growls the parrot. And who is it who raised the auction?

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