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A hungry lion

A lion and a hare sit at a table in a restaurant. the waiter approaches and does a hare: -good day, what do you want? Well … I would like fettuccine with porcini mushrooms and second of the salad. well, does the waiter, and for his friend? anything! does the hare like anything? who is not hungry ??

Do you think that if he was hungry, we would be in two at the restaurant ?? !!!!!

A relaxing cave

“A bat enters a cave and finds a group of bats upside down (as these animals usually rest) and a single bat standing normally and asks,” What the hell are you doing in that position? ” And the other: “Yoga!”

A very clever dog

A gentleman is walking down a residential street when he sees a child playing chess with a dog in a garden. Since it is a rather unusual fact, the gentleman stops to watch the two playing.

After 5 minutes, the dog is checkmate. At that point the gentleman says:
– You know you really have a smart dog!
– Not so much … this is the first time he wins …

A polyglot dog

A local company is looking for help in the office. Attached to the window there is a sign that says:
HELP Search: must be able to type in a typewriter, must know how to get away with a computer and must be bilingual.

A short time later, a dog appears trotting towards the sign attached to the window, looks at it, enters and starts staring at the man behind the counter. Then he wags a little, back to the sign, barks a couple of times and returns to stare at the man behind the counter who had nothing to do and who understands what the animal has in mind:

– I’m sorry, but we’re looking for someone who can type on the computer.
The dog goes to the computer next to the counter and writes a long letter.

– Remarkable! But we need someone who can use a computer.

The dog returns to the compuer and begins to run a very complicated program, without jamming.
– What kind of dog are you? You surprised me, good. But there is one last problem, the sign says we need someone who is bilingual.
At this point the dog, calm, goes in front of the clerk and does:
– Miaooo …

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