To know Mike Horn – Expédition Arktos

To know Mike Horn – Expédition Arktos

With this video, we go ahead in the knowledge of Mike Horn. This man is probably the biggest explorer of the modern era. He has moved the limit of exploration one step behind. Most of his adventures are completed in solo style.

But is not enough, Mike is a specialist in mental motivation. So he knows the difference between to have a hope of help and to be completely unsupported. When you are alone and unsupported you are at the ultimate level of adventure. Nobody can help you, you can’t think “ok I stay strong and the rescue arrives”. Just you need to think to find by yourself solution to the problem.

The chance of surviving is low in this situation. So we think the power of Mike Horn is to have a total mind control. These joined to a very well attended athletic training. He’s a strong Man and strong Athlete. We’ll talk again about him and his adventures.

The official site of Mike Horn

The movie, unfortunately, is in the French language but just watch…

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