Leopard – an elegant perfect killer machine

Leopard – an elegant perfect killer machine


Scientific Name: Panthera pardus
English name: Leopard
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Link to Red List page: Leopard red list

Classified as Vulnerable


Leopard is very adaptable and is possible to find everywhere except deserts and mangrove forests. Typically he loves savanna but he’ll search for places where there are trees.


Males weight is between 40  and 90 kg, and long between 100 and 160 cm, the female can weight between 30 and 60 kg, and length between 90 and 130 cm. The tail is between 60 to 90 cm and the shoulder stand between 60 and 70 cm for males and a little bit less for females.

Where to find

Actually, the lion is in all the sub-Saharan area in East Africa, central Africa, and South Africa. Then can be found with other subspecies in Asia, India, China, and the Middle East.

Leopard into the grass


He is alpha animals, incredible warrior and very aggressive and danger. When his areal is touching the lion’s or tiger’s areal, his behavior change and he stays far from them. Lion and tiger see in leopard a competitor predator and if they find his cabs they kill. Anyway even leopard kill the lion’s or tiger’s cubs so they are in conflict.

Is an animal absolutely solitary and he hunts even solitary. Fantastic hunter, he approaches the prey in total silence up to 5 mt and then the attack and kill by suffocation. Must be remarked that has the biggest relationship between weight/power in the wild cat’s world. This characteristic permits him to attack and kill prey bigger than him ( and remember is alone in hunting). He can carry on the tree a prey even 150 kg. And he can kill even animals up to 900 kg like eland, yes is a super predator.

Unfortunately, like the lion, the leopard has fame of man-eater. It has documented many humans attacks, like lions. It is possible to note that when this animal started to eat human than they will do again. He is dangerous because he doesn’t do any noise during his normal activity. So he can stay in a city and nobody knows.

In 1970 in Nairobi it was organized hunting because of the presence of one leopard. But during the hunt has been six the leopards captured, imagine the shocking of citizens.


He is classified as Vulnerable in the IUCN red list. And is true if we talk about for example the African subspecies. But the situation is very dramatic for other 5 subspecies. That’s are the Arabian, Amur Leopard, Javan leopard, Sry Lankan leopard, and Persian leopard. That’s are classified as endangered or critically endangered ( EN CR).
As usual, the major risk is the same valid for lion. Human conflicts, a decline of ecosystem and poaching. His mantle is beautiful and people love it. In Africa, the skin is a ceremonial dress of tribe chiefs. In some African countries, they use for that. But in rural areas, they can use the complete skin, especially for ceremonies.


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