Lion – The King Of The Forest

Lion – The King Of The Forest



He prefers the savanna or small bush, but sometimes like in Asia it is possible to find in the forest. The population is between 16,000 and 47,000 but the trend is to decrease again. Unfortunately, is classified as Vulnerable, his decline is rapid in the last years.


Males weight is between 170  and 250 kg, and long between 180 and 250 cm, a female can weight between 120 and 190 kg, and long between 140 and 185 cm.

Where to find

Actually, the lion is presented in the sub-Saharan area in East Africa, central Africa and the north side of South Africa. A small community of Asian lion we can find in Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary in India. Extinct unfortunately the Barbarian Lion

East African Lion


The King of the forest is the second biggest wildcat after the Siberian tiger. Is a social animal and he loves to live in groups called pride, but it is possible to see him alone and is it because any pride can have a limited number of three or four males. I know I’m going to be around 4/5 years he’ll try to build his pride.

The winner will dominate the pride and he can start with a new genetic line.
The diet of the lion is various: buffalos or giraffes but normally he likes, impala, and especially zebras and Wildebeests. They do not have predators in nature, it is alpha animal, just sometimes can be killed by the crocodile but is rare.

The attack from the lionesses can be solitary but most are group attack and is realized by the lionesses that have their own strategy which depends on the prey cached and the environment. In the same area, we can find hyenas, leopards, cheetahs and wild dogs. The lion is dominant.

They start to search each other, usually, they stay alone out of pride and they start to copulate. Did you know? Lions can copulate between 20 to 50 times per day but in some cases, they do much more, and this goes ahead some days.

After 110 days, the lioness giving birth between 1 to 4 cubs and the new generation is started.
Unfortunately, the lion is a very big predator and sometimes he kills even human, why is again a mystery even if some scientist tell depend on a disease, but many others have doubts.

Major Risks

His classification is Vulnerable and the prevision is bad for the future. After to be a target for poachers, hunters ed even Masai tribe, now the lion is again in the same condition. And the worsening of ecosystem put him in a very dangerous situation, the human/animals conflict is every year more strong.
In conclusion, we want to say good luck King Of The Forest, and take care, human, using you in the cartoons like Lion King for to make happy the children, but they have a gun and is for you!!

In the following video is possible to see the pride hunting technics. This pride wants to attack an elephant herd. Obviously, they hope to kill just one but they don’t know which one is the better target. One thing is clear, a lion alone cannot kill an adult elephant, so just the group strategy can permit this hunt.

Scientific Name: Panthera leo
English name: Lion
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Link to Red List page: Lion red list

Classified as Vulnerable

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