Live with Nomads Mongolia

Live with Mongolia’s nomads

live with nomads Mongolia, when we speak about Mongolia we remember  Genghis Khan. Lived between 1162 and 1227, its great merit was to unify all the territories won under one single empire. One of the greatest that the story remembers. Mongolia is predominantly composed of the steppe, south of the Gobi desert and north of the mountainous area.

Mongolia is a very cold country with a long winter where temperatures drop below -40 to -60 degrees under zero. In the short summer, the temperatures vary between 25 and 30 degrees. It making the climate pleasant but always very ventilated. In this scenario, the Mongols move around 30% of Mongolia’s population. Perhaps, even more, living in nomadic tradition and living with subsistence farming.

The nomadic shepherds have adopted a lifestyle that is perfectly adapted to nature. Instead of breeding cattle as they adapt to their needs. They adapt to livestock needs, cattle graze free and migrate to the perpetual search for new grass. The Mongolian shepherds follow the herds that they seek to protect even from the predators. When their home comes to a distance that will be impossible to reach their herds in the day, they move the camp near the herds.

Mobile houses

Mongolia Nomads LifeMongolia’s nomads live in traditional homes that are tents built according to an ancient system. That system makes them resistant to wind and stormy winter temperatures. The structures are of wood that is shaped and machined according to the destination is then assembled and put under tension through the folds.

The woolen felt cover that is suitably worked provides good insulation. Obviously, the insulation improves by increasing the thickness of the felt. The felt is tensioned and eventually, the structure as a whole will be very rigid and stable. Since it is quite large in the center there are one or two supporting poles. On top, it is an opening that can be closed and serves to put out the smoke of the fire and change the spoiled air.

Since it has also become imperative in Mongolia to protect the ecosystem, some areas have been used as a National Park. Of course, this thing has a positive impact on wildlife much less for shepherds who are seen in the inability to avail many areas of the country. They also have problems because here as well as with the Masai shepherds in Kenya, the number of bosses raised and grown up and therefore even grazing is never enough.

This state of affairs, which sees us absolutely united with the shepherds, makes us just as well think how strictly indispensable and just to protect certain areas. Only in this way can we guarantee the biodiversity and thus the welfare of all animal species and the first place the man.

Live with nomads Mongolia

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