Mike Horn – Amazon River Hydrospeed Adventure

Mike Horn – Amazon hydrospeed adventure

Mike Horn first big adventure

This is the first of many big adventures around the world. It is probably the one how to make Mike horn famous. The project was to swim from the source of the Amazon River to the sea. Where the water become salted again. Mike Horne employed 6 months to arrive with success in the Atlantic Ocean and has been a huge adventure.

The concept of hydrospeed adventure

The hydrospeed adventure is not a simple practice. It is necessary to be a good swimmer but even to be very strong. Usually, people learn hydrospeed in the mountains rivers, the same places for kayak or rafting. So you can imagine a man in a rapids level 5 or 6 unprotected by boat or kayak to swim and try to survive. It is a very dangerous challenge. For this reason, Mike has invented a special hydrospeed realized with some characteristics. It should resist the impact of the rock and at the same time to be easy to manage.

Fundamental is to understand that this hydrospeed adventure must be divided into two sectors where he will find two different situations.  First part is the starting from the glaciers of Peru’s Sierra. It is there where the Amazon River birth and all the first part is of rapids even very dangerous. The second sector is where the river becomes big and move slowly inside the Amazon forest up to arrive at the ocean after almost 7.000 kilometers. In this sector, the big problem is security because of wild animals, wild people or accidental events. All these issues you can resolve in a single case but when your travel is 6 months long, your exposition at the danger is too long. It is required extraordinary self-control and a huge mental motivation.

Why the Amazon River?

The Amazon River is the longest river in the world and is 6992 km, and the numbers are very impressive. It is 6995 km length, more than 10000 secondary rivers join the primary river. It crosses 3 countries, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil. His deepest point is hundred meters and his delta his two hundred kilometers width. The most distant source was the Nevado Mismi in Peru but recent studies say that maybe is the Rio Mantaro drainage. So, just the Amazon river can be the biggest hydrospeed adventure.

The happy conclusion

Mike Horne arrives at the end of his hydrospeed adventure after 6 months of swimming. Many accidents had occurred with him during the travel. One has been the shock against the rocks in the first sector. The part in the Apurimac River has rapids up to level 6, the most danger white-water.

Another big problem has been the encounters with some rural tribes that they consider a man swimming on the river someone like a devil. And even the to meet a 5 meters anaconda was not been easy. But in the end, the great determination and power have permitted him to meet the ocean and realize his dream.

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