Muskox An Arctic Wild Animal

Muskox an arctic mammal

Where to find:

Muskox is an inhabitant of the Arctic regions. He lives in the Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Northern Europe, and Russia especially Siberia region.


Muskox prefers lives in the wet valleys where the grass is abundant and rivers flow. Anyway, during the winter, he moves on the slopes of the mountains where the snow is less deep.
In this season he eats prevalently woody plants, lichens, arctic willow.


His dimensions are generous but not huge. Muskox is usually one to one and a half meter high at the shoulder. He is between two and two a half meters long. Female is in average 30 percent less than male in dimensions. The weight is on average between 200 to 400 kg.


Muskox belongs to the caprinae family, so he is relative of goats more than cows. He lives in small groups up to 20 units. Occasionally the herd can be more than twenty but is a rarity.
He can survive up to 20 years in nature. During the mating season, the adults’ males have frequently big fighting. At the end of the battles, the winner will remove the other males.

The battles between males are spectaculars, and when the heads impact the sound is impressive.
During winter the groups are composed of females males and calves. Another typical image is the shape of the group when is under wolves attack. the calves are in the middle and all around the males stay in circle protecting the calves.
Ther long hair together the shape of horns made him a singular appearance. It looks like a prehistorical animal. Despite his appearance, he is a quiet animal.

Major risk:

In the past, the Muskox has been the victim of irresponsible hunting. Now the situation is better. He was reintroduced in large areas of the Arctic region. The hunting in this region is regulated and make Muskox safe. Anyway, he is under the risk of climate change. Exactly like the Polar bear that divides with him the habitat.

Scientific Name: Ovibos moschatus
English name: Muskox
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetartiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Link to Red List page: The Red List Page of Muskox

IUCN red list classification as Least Concern

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