Nanga Parbat rescue of Tomek Mackiewicz and Elisabeth Revol

Nanga Parbat rescue

Nanga Parbat rescue

The problem of Nanga Parbat rescue of Tomek Mackiewicz and Elisabeth Revol

Nanga Parbat rescue needed after for the seventh times Tomek and Elisabeth Revol trying to reach the summit of Nanga Parbat in the winter season. The expedition started good and the two great climbers arrived at just one hundred meters from the summit.

From that moment all became confused, with a lot of news from many sites mostly times, in contrast, each other. But one thing was sure, Tomek and Elisabeth were in big trouble, especially Tomek had problems of freezing at the feet and is blind. In situations like this, every minute passing makes the problem grow. Elisabeth asks rescue by helicopter 25th but many problems must be solved before the helicopters start, the payment and to organize where to rescue the climbers.

Yesterday Elisabeth communicate her position at 7250 mt and confirm the drama of the situation. According to the Helicopter Nanga Parbat rescue organization.

Elisabeth must go down for to reach an altitude where is possible for the Helicopters arrive, this quote is around 6700mt. Now for Elisabeth, there is the drama in the drama, she doesn’t have an alternative. she must to leave his adventure partner and try to arrive at the necessary quote for to be rescued.  When a climber must make choices like this, know his life will change forever. She must be strong and to think to herself now, for Tomek she can’t do anymore.

Is morning and is 27th, in the Italian trustable site, Agostino da Polenza write Elisabeth is survived at the night and she is ready for the rescue, just some frozen at the fingers. Now the problem is the weather, The helicopters are going to K2 load the climbers of K2 Winter Polish Expedition. But the weather is not good and they are waiting for the window of good weather to load the mountaineers for rescue. The hope is Elisabeth can be rescued by the helicopter and Tomek will be rescued by the Polish crew.

We want to remark, yesterday is started an international operation found rising. The success was better than expected, and demonstrate how much these climbers are in the heart of the international community of climbers.

News arrived now, the Helicopters are arrived at the base camp of K2 and loaded the rescue crew.

One of the climbers is the great Denis Urubko, a friend of Simone Moro, great and generous like ever, and there is another great name, Adam Bielecki, he is even expert in the route where is Elisabeth and Tomek. They can’t have better help than this.

Stay strong guys


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