Nanga Parbat Tomek Mackiewicz will be not rescued

Nanga Parbat Tomek Mackiewicz will be not rescued, all the efforts for Elisabet now.

Nanga Parbat Tomek MackiewiczWhat we suspect from yesterday morning, unfortunately, is now a reality. According to the news arrived from the rescue team, Denis Urubko and Adam Bielecki are going down in the morning around 10. The news arriving now from the team is not very clear, but we can only wait, the rescue team knows what to do. The forecast is bad and the plan recommends to leave from base camp, not after 11 am. So the hope now is the possibility for the helicopters to fly. Otherwise, they need the help of the porters.

So need to remember, if Nanga Parbat Tomek Mackiewicz rescue is decided, Elisabet is not safe yet, we don’t know her exact condition, and up to arrive at the hospital at Islamabad the situation is again suspended.

These considerations permit us to talk about Nanga Parbat Tomek Mackiewicz rescue operation. The rescue team announced they don’t go to try to save him because the risk is too high. We can understand it by ourselves, is impossible for the rescue team to climb from 4.800 mt of camp 1 to 7.200 mt where is Tomek, especially after the 1.400 of today. They need to climb 2.400 mt for to arrive there, then after medical help starts to go down up to the base camp, probably 2 days are not enough with Tomek frostbite plus snow blindness. But the said above, is considering the not very bad condition of Tomek Mackiewicz. In their evaluations, the rescue team needs to put even possibility very high of Tomek already died. The truth is cruel, if Tomek was good, Elisabeth should help him to go down, they are experts and they know, to stuck at that altitude is fatal. Tomek was in very bad condition, forecast two days ago announced strong wind and temperature very low, probably at 7.200 mt now is around -40. I don’t know if Tomek is again live, probably no, and at the light of the rescue team decision, I hope he is already passed out, without other days of pain. Our hearts are crying, as for all the climbers and mountaineers died in the adventure, trying to realize their dreams.

Nanga Parbat Tomek Mackiewicz will remain together forever now. The Nanga Parbat “the killer mountain” as is named, add another name to the list of the dreamers tried to conquest.

Is time to say you goodbye Tomek Mackiewicz, you have conquest the Nanga Parbat but the Nanga Parbat want you forever. R.I.P.

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