Nanga Parbat rescue updating

Nanga Parbat Rescue

Nanga Parbat rescue, is evening, is night and the situation in Nanga Parbat is even more dramatic but is going to the final step. Today after being picked from K2 base camp, the Russian Denis Urubko and Polish Adam Bielecki, Jarek Botor and Piotr Tomala,  members of K2 winter Polish expedition, are arrived at the Nanga Parbat base camp. After the briefing, they were carried a little bit below the camp 1 of Kinshofer route. Denis and Adam are started immediately and in 2 hours they had climbed 700 mt.

Nanga Parbat rescue reached Elisabeth in good time.

Now they are 6.200 mt of Nanga Parbat Kinshofer’s route, is night and is very cold, these two heroes are writing another mountaineering great page. Elisabeth has a problem with the GPS, the battery is very low but she sent a message not long time ago and she said she continues to go down. She expert and she know what to do, maybe slowly but better don’t stop. As reported by his friend Ludovic Giambiasi, she has some fingers frozen and she’s very worried about that, but shes again strong and motivated.

The picture below is already old, actually, Denis and Adam are not very far from Elisabet Revol. The critically step and they will reach Elisabeth. The GPS was recognized 200 mt above the wall, so Elisabet probably can see the lights of Denis and Adam.

What will happen after they meet Elisabeth? Nobody knows the plan and probably even Denis Urubko and Adam Bielecki doesn’t know exactly. All depend on the Elisabeth condition. If she is ok with walking again, will be more simple otherwise will be necessary all the experience of these two climbers and their power. One option can be, when they are on top of Kinshofer wall, where they are now, they send down Elisabeth saved, down she meets the other two components of the rescue team Jarek Botor and Piotr Tomala. Then all together they go quickly as possible to the base camp.

The must is to arrive at the base camp of Nanga Parbat tomorrow morning very early because of the weather. The forecast promise snow from eleven in the morning.

What about Tomek Mackiewicz? who know this kind mountaineering, know which when you are blind and you are alone your chance are in the hands of God. We think is again blocked at 7.200 mt. and we don’t know if is again live or not. The forecast is very bad, this is the truth, Is impossible to know if  Danis and Adam can try to save him. We hope and we pray for him. Tomorrow we’ll Know the final act of the incredible adventure that involves some of the biggest climbers active.

The only good news is that Elisabeth Revol is the first woman on the summit of Nanga Parbat in the winter. In 2016 Tamara Lunger goes back at 70 mt. only from the summit, his partner Simone Moro together with Alex Txikon and Ali Sadpara has been the first climbers on the summit of Nanga Parbat in the winter season.

Last minute news: Denis Urubko, Adam Bielecki, and Elisabeth Revol are together.  

Be strong again guys

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