Nepal Tigers saved by Di Caprio and Nepal govern

Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation for Nepal Tigers

The project

When people with a good project and firm intentions join together the results can be only good.

This is the case of the Nepal tiger project. From 2010 Leonardo di Caprio Foundation had financed the Nepal Govern project for the safeguarding of Tigers. Nepal Govern said that is a priority for Nepal the Local Authorities, local community, and the international community.

The census of the tigers is started in 2017 and ended in April 2018, and it was made in the Terai Arc Landscape. This land is very important and it is significant for the conservation.

In 2009 the Nepals’ tigers population was 121, in 2013 was 198 and now 235.

In Asia now the tiger’s population is estimated in less than 4000 specimens. So is fundamental the protection of her habitat and population.

The more serious menace is the human anthropization. Of course, the poaching is another serious problem. But if we don’t protect the habitat from the called “civil society” we can’t claim to protect the tigers.

Conservation as lifestyle

We hope this effort will be an example for more authorities to follow the path of conservation. Conservation and safeguarding of biodiversity have direct consequence for the health of humanity. And most times produce economics repercussions on the local economy.

Often the local communities that populate the wildlands are poor or even extremely poor. So is possible to say that conservation gives benefits at more levels. Directly to the local people and consequently to everyone in the world.

In conclusion, we can say that less poor there are better is the general quality of the life on the earth.

We are together and if we work on the same side will be a better world for everyone.

Meet the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation and take your act, it is easy to do.


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