Nomadic Tribes of Sahara

Nomadic Tribes of Sahara

Ulad El Mizna tribe

Nomadic Tribes Mauritania

In one of the most inhospitable lands of the planet live the Ulad El Mizna tribe. The land is the west of the Sahara desert. This part of the Sahara desert is in the Mauritania country. Fascinating and mysterious, the children of the cloud ( is meaning Ulad El Mizna) are a nomadic tribe of this region.

Little we know about them because they live in an absolutely wild condition. They don’t have any electronics or also electric apparel. Their lifestyle is the top of simplicity. They follow the natural rhythms of the time.

The traditional culture seems like in the great part of the Nomadic tribes.


In the documentary, the director follows the ceremony of marriage between two young boys of the clan. It starts with the agreement between the heads of the families. Then they prepare the ceremony. Then they do the ceremony. Maybe is the nice part of the documentary.

In the ceremony, there are two important steps. One is the food and one is the rituals of the marriage.

So to give food to all the people at the party, they sacrifice an animal, a dromedary.  If you have children with you while you watch the documentary, hide the killing scene. It is a little bit cruel and better you know.

So in the main tent, the party is going on and the traditional drums and sings are diffusing in the air.

Another important step is when the groom move to the tent of the bride. She was well prepared by she’s friends. The Groom take her and he conducts to the main tent to complete the ceremony. She waits for him covered by a white sheet, as a symbol of virginity.

Is the final step now, dance, dance, and dance again. They are all happy, another the genealogical line will continue.


Another tribe but this time very famous in the Sahara desert is the Touareg tribe. The origin is Berber like the Ulad El Mizna. The Tuareg lives moreover in all the central Sahara. It is a very big territory touching counties as Algeria, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Libya.

Do you think slavery still exists?

Touareg society is divided into three major classes. One is the Imajaghan, the class of the nobles. another is the Imghad, composed moreover from submissive tribes. The last is the Iklan, composed of domestic slaves of east African origin.

The end of the colonial-era changed many things in these classes. Slavery was banned by the law. Now they maintain the social division but they are less different and freer.

But slavery? still exists? the answer incredible answer is YES. Just in some areas not everywhere but exists.

Other nomadic tribes

Mauritania is a country where there is a high terrorism alarm. So check in your country with your embassy the opportunity to travel in Mauritania. Here the link to the CIA site

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