Orca or Killer Whale the queen of dolphins

Orca the queen of dolphins

This animal is classified Data Deficient by the IUCN, follow the link below to understand what is meaning, anyway is not in extiction risk generally but only locally

Scientific Name: Orcinus orca
English name: Killer Whale or Orca
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetartiodactyla
Family: Delphinidae
Link to Red List page: Orca or Killer whale red list

Habitat: Orca live around coasts but even in open oceans, she can go down to a thousand meters of depth and she can stay up to 20 minutes without breath.
Dimensions: Male can be 10 mt long and female can be 8.5 mt long, Male can weight 10 t and female can weight 7.5 t. Can live between 35 to 50 years
Orca - killer whaleWhere to find: Is in all oceans around the world
Lifestyle: Killer Whale or orca, like is also called, is a dolphin, the biggest dolphin in the earth. She’s a predator and she hunt seals, of sea lions in open water and dolphins, porpoises, belugas, but even small fish like salmon or herring
Killer whale is social animal and live in large groups up 40/45 specimens, the boss is adult male.
When the melting season arrive male and female copulate and after 12-15 months will birth a cub, will be 2/2.5 mt long and weight 180 kg.
But not all orcas are the same , a large study said that orcas are distributed almost everywhere in the oceans, but are not all nomads, so the orcas of Alaska are different in behavior from the orcas of Antartica.

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The main difference is the animals hunting because any environment have his different fauna and different is even the technique used. Generally we can say the orcas hunt with strategy group, many elements they join in the hunt and constrict the prey to be isolated and so they kill the prey. We are on front to different groups of orcas but are not considered subspecies, according with the scientists this groups are considered and called ecotypes . Another difference is the communication, any ecotype has developed different sounds like to underlined the difference from other ecotypes. Someone think this is happened in the species evolution, with no interaction they don’t compete for the same food, this process is started millions years ago.

Major risk: Major risk depend from the location, but the pollution is a big risk, the boats noise even is a big issue, orcas use the sounds like a sonar for to recognize the prey but the increasing of background noise disturb the localization.
Even this beautiful animal is not lucky, it was hunted a lot for to show in sea parks and aquarium, do you remember? We told about this problem in the post Killer Whale and Water Parks, I invite you to read that post because is necessary to understand what is behind the sea parks business and the future of the Killer Whale.

An example of project orca 

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