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Sides of a Horn – Inside Poaching War

The scenery of Sides of a Horn Sides of a Horn is touching the human aspect of the Rhino poaching war. In my lifetime, I’ve spent some years in Africa, and I lived in rural areas. You can’t say “I know Africa” if you didn’t live there together with the local community. It is difficult, one month or maybe six … Read more

Black Bear An American Friend

Yellowstone Bears in the past

American Black Bear a friend or a robber? Where to find: The black bear is present throughout the North American continent and therefore in a region that goes from Alaska to Mexico including all the states of the United States and Canada. Habitat: The favorite habitat of the black red is certainly the forest of which it is very rich … Read more

Funny animals jokes

Jokes of the day Multilanguage animals A cat has decided to eat a mouse that has been around for several days. He hides behind a door and: “Bau, bau, bau” the little mouse heard barking, convinced that behind the door there is a dog, comes out of the den without bothering. The cat eats it and the wife asks her … Read more

Nepal Tigers saved by Di Caprio and Nepal govern

Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation for Nepal Tigers The project When people with a good project and firm intentions join together the results can be only good. This is the case of the Nepal tiger project. From 2010 Leonardo di Caprio Foundation had financed the Nepal Govern project for the safeguarding of Tigers. Nepal Govern said that is a priority for Nepal … Read more

Funny wildlife hilarious moments

Funny animals hilarious moments funny wildlife hilarious moments Hilarious moments are necessary, disconnect your mind from stressing thought and make you more gentle and animals lover, watch even others here A graduate dog “At the corner of a residential area there is a group of stray dogs … at a certain point a purebred dog peeps out and exclaims” MIAOO. … Read more

Jokes and animals

Jokes of the day When the parrot meet ice A boy buys a beautiful parrot but he can only say swear words and blasphemies. After vain attempts to change the language to the beast, the boy takes him by the neck and shouts to stop, but that nothing, worse than before. In the end, he closes it in a dark … Read more

Wild tiger cub – for the first time on film – David Attenborough

Wild tiger cubs First time filmed by David Attenborough this wonderful tiger with her cub. Usually, she stays very hide and is very difficult to see her with cub young like this. And never was filmed before now. Tiger, in this short amazing document, is shown really vulnerable. In particular, will recommend paying attention to the delicate action especially when … Read more

Short jokes about animals

Short jokes about animals The Hippo issues A hippopotamus returns home to his wife, crying. – Dear, while I was on the bus, I sat on a monkey! – Ooo … but you’ll have apologized, right? And the hippopotamus mortified – No, but tomorrow I will send condolences to the family. The Pigeon’s propeller Two carrier pigeons watch a missile … Read more

The Animals Of The Forest Want laughs

The animals of the forest want laughs The animals in the forest are bored, nothing ever happens. Then to pass the time they decide to organize a contest of jokes. To avoid boring beginners, they insert a cruel clause: the sole judge will be the tortoise. If the turtle does not laugh the competitor will be beheaded. The monkey is … Read more

Conversations between animals

In the stable conversation In the stable of a farm, a pig looks puzzled for a moment the donkey that is next to him and then exclaims: “Donkey! But you know that you’re really ugly? All gray, small, with those long ears .. just suck! “. The donkey does not react and the pig returns to the charge: “But then … Read more

Wildlife and wild animals

Infinite passion for wildlife, wild animals, lands, adventures, walking with the eyes of children the vision of pioneers and the hearth of lovers.


The wildlife is fundamental to the environment. The absence of the wildlife or even just a part of wildlife, create an unbalancing. Preservation allows for the maintenance of biodiversity. Biodiversity makes possible to have the strongest ecosystem and is a benefit to all humans.
Unfortunately, it is not simple to help people to understand how much is important this. This is because we are fully immersed in our chaotic life and we have the sensation of the environmental question are not relevant now. But it is an illusion, yes we can save time now forgetting the environment, but we will miss later. And the consequence of this delay is usually catastrophic.

Technology and wildlife environment

For us as humans, is very difficult to understand the wildlife importance. Our life is technology-based, technology is in anything we do. I would not be writing this post without technological progress. Technology should serve humanity and not at the opposite make humans slave.
When we completely dislodge ourselves from nature our body and mind begin to suffer. Everything we do by being disconnected from nature, becomes a problem often turning into diseases such as stress. It is a spiraling vortex and when you are inside it is as a tornado.

Environment and human being

That is why protecting wildlife and his habitat, has a direct relevance for man and even social. If nature is healthy, we too benefit from this state of mind. When I hear people say the opposite, I wonder how that person thinks differently. I did a lot of tests and every time you find that there are business and economic interests behind.
It is almost never to understand the problem. It is almost ever a hiding of their shop interests. Politicians doing it for their armchairs. While in society the people, especially those who have a good social position do it for the afraid of losing their status quo.

A wild journey

This site is a wild journey into the immense wild world of wild animals. A journey we want to makes with you, hoping to give a good message. We want to give signals that lead to a greater awareness of the importance of safeguarding.
We need to give space to dialogue between souls wild animals rights, ecologists, and the human necessities. Instead, who supports opposing theses. Create walls, end-to-face contrasts increase the problem. Solutions come from dialogue and costly engagement. Maybe now is a good moment to sensitize people about this problem. It is not very difficult to understand, especially for the new generations, the incredible contradiction there is between to be on the way to Mars and to kill innocent animals.

Our wild treasure

We will, therefore, visit far, difficult and terribly wild lands as we like. For example, will go to Alaska with the Eskimo Hunters in the great cold. Also in the cold Siberia and even in beautiful Peru or in the heart of Africa. Hence the wonderful Kenya where with the Kenya safari will discover the extremely wild savannah and his wild animals.
We will cross stormy seas with great adventure pioneers. We’ll go to the highest mountains and we will know the greatest mountaineers and explorers. We’ll bring you to the wildest parts of Asia. Where wildlife is a part of the lifestyle throughout the continent.
We will try to get acquainted with wild animals such as lions, tigers or bears. But also with large marine mammals such as whales, orcas, and sharks.

The Wild Blog

The blog section is dedicated to the actuality, events, important moments of our social life which impact the environment. But events reportage of some adventures around the world. The adventures have usually two characteristics that we love. First is the environment that usually is extreme and second, when is a successful open the way to new horizons.

Wildlife and tourism

We also have a part of the site called Travel Destinations. We’ll give space to ideas of tourism in wild destinations. We will propose ideas for travel and wild experiences. Wild Animals In Wild Lands is a travel idea. And every year is more important in the travel market. Many countries have discovered that is better to ban hunting and promote wildlife tourism. The reason is simple, hunters spent money but are a restrict group of people. Tourists are much more than hunters and they move more money. Another effect is the country reputation, it is easy to understand the power of thousands of people enthusiastic by a place. We hope that more and more people will get to live adventures in harmony with nature.

Sometimes we’ll talk about the organizations involved in the preservation. Like Panthera or WWF  or Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd.

In conclusion, we recommend if you can to help this o even other organizations you like. Is the first shade of activism

Then follow us and remember to give your support.

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