Poacher Eaten By Lions in South Africa

Poacher Eaten By South African Lions

Poacher Eaten By Lions

Is not official yet, but is almost sure. The body found eaten by lions outside Kruger NP, belong to a poacher.

Close the remaining of the body, there was a riffle. This the reason, because the police think maybe, is a poacher.

Anti-poaching unit

The officers say the body was almost completely eaten. Just head and some small parts of the body remain.

Limpopo area is under poaching pressure. The case of lions killed is increasing.

Due to the lions, the people killed sometimes are even rangers. Lions don’t know the ranger working for their safety.

In conclusion, I want to add a video, and I hope will like it. It is regarding a Serengeti Vumbi pride. It is a journey inside the lion’s pride life, a unique emotion.

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