Puma The Big Cat Of The Americas

Puma The Big Cat Of The Americas

Puma The Big Cat Of The Americas. Even If Is Not Big Cat Classified.

Scientific Name: Puma Concolor
English name: Puma, Cougar,  Mountain Lion, Deer Tiger, Red Tiger
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Link to Red List page:  Red List page of Puma Concolor


The puma is comparable to the leopard. He is one of the more adaptable animals he can live in many different habitats. All the forests, mountains, high mountains, semi-desert, and finally grasslands.


It has different sizes variable between the latitudes. Near the poles is bigger than equatorial area.

The male is high between 90 and 120 cm to the shoulder. The female is high a little bit less than male.

His length is averaging 130 cm the male and 110 cm the female. The tail is between 60 to 80 cm. The weight is between 50 to 70 kg the male and 35 to 50 the female. About the dimensions, according to the taxonomy is not considered a Big Cat. It is considered the biggest of the small cats.

His structure dimension is like the leopard but he doesn’t have the muscles of the leopard. He has a different structure. Maybe the structure of the Jaguar but with the weight of the cheetah.

Where to find:

His distribution in the past was very large.  But after the unlimited and indiscriminate hunting is extinct in many areas. Before it was present in from Yukon to Cape Horn. Now after some conservation programs have been actuated has recovered ground.

In fact, the situation it’s not very happy. Because it is true, the population is growing but it very fragmented. Consequently, there is a low level of interchange between the various groups of pumas.

So now it can be found in almost all Latin America. Excluded the belt on the west coast from north to south. Excluded even many big regions of the east coast. In Central America, the population is in spread order. Finally in North America puma is present in the belt of West Coast. In all the central and East of Nort America is extinct.

Puma concolor
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez


In his diet just meat find space. He is a pure carnivore, he likes to hunts deer, elk, and even moose, but also small pray he caught frequently. In his special diet, there are small animals like rabbits or raccoons. Occasionally he caught even coyote and livestock.

His performances are awesome. He can jump up to 4.5 mt in hight and 13 mt. in length. His very powerful, he waits for the pray and when is close he jumps up to her, and he kills broking the neck bone. And is not enough, he can reach 80km/h!!

He is a solitary animal. Female live with kittens up they are one year and a half then they leave.

The Puma can be dangerous for humans. Has been documented hundred human attacks since 1890 with 16 died. Although we are not considered a pray in particular circumstance we can become it. So the risk for the human is not a lot and usually is because of human bad behaviors.

Major risk:

The risk is the losing habitat, the decreasing of the available area is responsible for his issues. The farmer kills the pumas because they want to protect their animals.

Actually is “Least Concern’ in the IUCN Red List, but the trend is in decreasing. We think this animal needs to be the reason for more deep studies.

The video chosen documents a battle between Puma and a Wolfpack.  Who will be the winner?

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