Reinhold Messner Everest Without Oxygen 40 Years ago

Reinhold Messner Everest Without Oxygen 40 Years ago

Reinhold Messner Everest Without Oxygen

8 March 1978, Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler reach the summit of Everest without oxygen. It is the first time that a man arrives at that altitude without oxygen.

The challenge of the impossible challenges

Messner is an Italian visionary climber mountaineering and explorer. He was ever attracted from the impossible challenges. So attracted up to become a strong enemy of the artificial help. He will become a great ambassador of ” By fair Means” climbing.

In 1968 the Italian Alpine Club (CAI )  publish his article destined to become a milestone of mountaineering philosophy ” The Murder of Impossible”. This is the link to the English version of The Murder of Impossible.

From The Murder of Impossible to Reinhold Messner Everest Without Oxygen

Reinhold Messner Everest Without OxygenIt is this hunger for impossible challenges ( but obviously considered by him possible) which drive his mind on the by fair means Everest.  At that time even doctors and scientist said: “no that altitude for a human is not possible to survive”.

But Messner wasn’t a compromise lover. When an idea arrives to be clear in his mind there is no way, he must follow.

So 8 March 1978, with Peter Habeler he touches the summit of Everest. Touching the tripod left there from a Chinese expedition.

Controversies and envies of the mountaineering world

The mountaineering world is not easy. Many people sais: no they had small oxygen bottles with them. Reinhold Messner is famous even because is a very expert in communication. He is already passed from infamous accuse to have abandoned his brother on Nanga Parbat. He cannot accept infamous accusations again.

Finally, the winner is

So in 1980, he reaches the summit of Everest again but this time solo, without oxygen and by a new diversion on the north face.

This is the end of controversies and the win of a man who decides to demonstrate the scientist mistake.

Thanks to Reinhold for the example left to the new generations of climbers mountaineers and explorers.

Article dedicated to Reinhold Messner Everest Without Oxygen 40 years ago.


Reinhold Messner Everest Without Oxygen

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