Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen an explorer, a man.

Roald Amundsen

There is a man that you can find in the storybooks, that more than others he marked my fantasy when I was a boy. This man is Roald Amundsen, the first man conquest the south pole.

But Amundsen is much more than a simple explorer. He was a visionary man with a great propensity to adventures even if too risky.

Born in Norway in 1872 will die in the Arctic Ocean in 1928. His main conquests have been the demonstration of the existence of Northwest Passage, and the conquest of the South Pole.

The Antarctica experience

In 1897 he’s part of the first winter expedition in Antarctica. The expedition has the bad surprise of remain imprisoned into the ice one year. When the captain becomes sick he takes the lead with doctor Cook. Amundsen and Cook in this year gave proof of great capacity and at the end, on 1899 they go back home.

The Northwest Passage

In 1905 Roald Amundsen starts his adventure in the attempt to demonstrate the existence of the Northwest Passage.

After almost 3 years from Alaska announced the difficult undertaking. Anyway, there is not a real utility of the Northwest Passage. Even now that the climate change has changed the geography of the Arctic is again not convenient for commercial navigation.

Antarctica again and the dream of the South Pole

Roald AmundsenOn 1910 he is ready to be the first that reached the North Pole, but when Cook and Peary claim that they already conquest it, he changes his plans.

As every adventure, a big part of the success is in the planning, and Amundsen was better than Scott in this. They start in five, and before the start, they prepare intermediate small bases where store food and other things.

It is the 14 December 1911 when Roald Amundsen and his 4 adventure partners reach the South Pole.

Scott will arrive at the South Pole one month after but unfortunately, the not perfect planning and awful weather will be fatal for him and his partners.

After the success

Became famous he will try to reach even the North Pole. But will be a very different expedition, not by ground but by flight. Him, Lincoln Ellsworth, and Umberto Nobile will reach the North Pole on 12 May 1925.

The death

He will die on the attempt to aid his partner in the North Pole expedition Umberto Nobile. The airplane used by to reach Nobile will fall down in the Arctic Sea and disappear forever.

In conclusion, considering the technological difference from modern explorers, this guys can be called Heroes.

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