Safari Botswana Okavango Delta

Safari Botswana discovering the Okavango Delta.

Safari Botswana

Botswana's giraffe
Photo by Suné de Bruyn

Botswana is a South African country. It doesn’t touch the sea, but its geographic position makes it a jewel. It is set on a plateau and 70% of its surface is occupied by the Kalahari desert. The capital city is Gaborone. Despite the desert, there are two areas in Botswana water-filled. Okavango, which forms the most famous Delta homonym. It is the second largest interior delta in the world. And the Limpopo basin located to the southeast.


Safari Botswana is a well-known destination and certainly one of the most important in Africa. We can mention Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya. One might think that this country is very poor. And much of the population is poor. Especially relevant it is a country with a very high growth rate one of the highest in Africa. It was one of the first countries to leave the list of third world countries. The sources of income are moreover tourism and pastoralism. Most noteworthy the extraction of diamonds. Diamonds make it a master of income.

Safari Botswana Parks

Botswana's elephants into water
Photo by Wynand Uys

In the field of tourism Botswana in our opinion works very well. The hotel offer is excellent and of great quality. A safari in the Okavango Delta gives incomparable emotions. There are many parks but the two most visited is the Chobe National Park and the Moremi Game Reserve. Both in the Okavango Delta. Especially relevant is the Chobe National Park. It has the splendid feature of hosting the largest concentration of elephants in Africa.
Now imagine these large herds of elephants that graze peacefully in the waters of the delta. And you on traditional wooden canoes with guides that you move away from them…
This is an exclusive experience that many guests want to try every year.
Many the enthusiast’s photographies who spend long periods in the Okavango Delta to “hunt” the best shots.

Safari Botswana is very different from safari Kenya or Safari Tanzania.

Safari Botswana and conservation

Botswana has devoted approximately 20% of the territory to protected areas. It is considered to be at the forefront of wildlife management. The government, in fact, allows large hunting. It manages wildlife in the true sense of the word. In fact, constantly monitors the animals present in the territory.

There is a relation between present animals and available resources. Based on this report they decide to kill through hunting open to everyone. It is enough to pay profoundly and participate.
The results are remarkable because of the entering of large sums of money. And at the same time keeping the population of wildlife under control.
This kind of disputed approach is based on numbers and money. A country like Botswana cannot decide the life or the death of his special animals easily. Can’t forget the killing is, in any case, a deprecable fact.

Here the Botswana official site. In the case of a visit, you can find the necessary information.

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