Serengeti National Park Tanzania Wildlife

Serengeti National Park Tanzania Wildlife

Serengeti National Park

Geography of Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is wonderful, also because it has many different environments. The altitude ranging from 900 mt to 1800 mt, and this is because of many zones with a variety of characteristics.

The south and all the central part are characterized by large flat savannah and coats of kopjes. While from the Western corridor to the border with Kenya there are hills and acacia woods. Due to the hills at the north, it remembers the Masai Mara but the difference remains great.

From its more southernmost point to the border of Kenya it takes 160 km. Most noteworthy is that with the Western Corridor you almost come to touch Lake Victoria. So we are not very far from another completely different ecosystem. For those who love the most authentic African landscapes, we recommend a visit to the coasts of Lake Victoria in addiction at the Safari in Tanzania.

How to visit Serengeti National Park

According to the considerations above, it can be seen that to visit Serengeti. As it is necessary to book with specialized agencies with series and experts guides. The vastness of the territory and the great amount of flora and fauna require it. It cannot be improvised based only on the aids that can come via radio from other drivers. We think that increasing the professionalism of safari guides can in the long run also improve the turnout. Certainly not easy, but governments would do well to think about why investing in the future.

Fauna of Serengeti National Park

An animal that in Serengeti National Park offers great emotions is the leopard. Seeing it after hunting to take refuge in the trees is a wonderful thing. It would be hours to watch it if it has just ascended or ascended. The cheetah will remain motionless for quite a while.

It is a superhuman effort for him to climb with a gazelle in his mouth on a tree of 10 meters. It is the only way he has to protect the prey from the competitors. The leopard hunting solitaire while lions and hyenas hunt into a group. So they have more chances of success in hunting.
Another great hunter of the savannah and in these immense plains finds its natural habitat is the cheetah. Magnificent slender, elegant and fast, very fast, can reach 90 km per hour. Unfortunately for him can only keep them for a few seconds. So its attacks must be lightning because it takes a long time to recover and be able to hunt another.

Wild animals especially relevant in Serengeti National Park

Lions, leopards, cheetah, spotted hyenas, elephants, cape buffalo, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, gazelles, impalas, topis, elands, and much more.


Most noteworthy, Serengeti is marked isolate from civilization. It is located in a very far area from that part of Tanzania. The more civilized is the town of Arusha.

Visiting the Serengeti is, therefore, an important experience. Along with Ngorongoro and Masai Mara with which forms a unique ecosystem. You can consider it one of the must-see destinations for those who love Africa safaris and adventure.

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