Short jokes about animals

Short jokes about animals

The Hippo issues

A hippopotamus returns home to his wife, crying.
– Dear, while I was on the bus, I sat on a monkey!
– Ooo … but you’ll have apologized, right?
And the hippopotamus mortified – No, but tomorrow I will send condolences to the family.

The Pigeon’s propeller

Two carrier pigeons watch a missile launch!
– Wow! See how fast it goes, that !!!
– I’d like to see you! If you had the tail on fire !!!

A Cow shaking

Two cows grazing: “What’s up, why do you act like that?”.
“Tomorrow is my son’s birthday …”
“Yes, but why do you shake yourself like that?”
“I’m preparing whipped cream …”

The Bat relax

A bat enters a cave and finds a group of bats upside down (as these animals usually rest) and a single bat standing normally and asks: “What the hell are you doing in that position?”.
And the other: “Yoga!”.

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