Siberian tiger the queen of big cats

The Siberian Tiger is the queen of the cats, with more than 300 kg and more then 3 meters long she’s the largest cat in the earth.

Siberian tiger is beautiful, huge, majestic and extremely danger, she lives in the taiga and she have just one predator as competitor, the brown bear.

Her habitat in the taiga is limited to the south east of Siberia , and is presentin limited number. Siberian Tiger has declared at extinction risk, the causes of population reduction are many, perhaps the reduction of her habitat joined to hunting and reduction of preys.

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger, like we said, is the biggest cat in the world but like recently studies shows her dimension is comparable with the more common Bengal Tiger. She’s very danger but usually she don’t attack humans, the registered human attack are caused mostly time from badly human behavior. Anyway some studies saying that in in recently years the population of Siberian tigers is stable or a little bit increasing.

In her territory she don’t have predators but she’s in directly competition with Brown Bear, powerful is the same but the tiger is more intelligent and agile so in direct fighting the tiger is the winner.

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Tiger don’t kill the bear just for competition, she kill and devour him, in the few cases where tiger killed human it has been noticed which after the attack the tiger has tried to kill other humans. So the the researcher say, is probably because tasted the human meet they discover is good as food, but don,t fear, tiger is in Siberia and us we are our comfortable home thousands kilometers far.

In this article is wrote “Tiger’s legs are so powerful that they can remain standing even when dead”, I don’t know if is true because the reason about muscles block can be more, but one thing is sure, she’s very strong and an incredible wild killer.

This beautiful cat is solitary and live caching preys like deer, boar and roe, but sometimes when is necessary she can catch even small preys like rabbit or salmons where the river level is low.

Finally we talk about her mantle, beautiful and different from the other tiger subspecies is lighter shades with dark brown instead of black stripes. The winter coat differs considerably from summer to summer, both in shape (longer, thick ) and in color (clears up or assumes ocher shades).

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