Sides of a Horn – Inside Poaching War

Writer & Director – Toby Wosskow
Executive Producer – Sir Richard Branson

The scenery of Sides of a Horn

Sides of a Horn is touching the human aspect of the Rhino poaching war. In my lifetime, I’ve spent some years in Africa, and I lived in rural areas. You can’t say “I know Africa” if you didn’t live there together with the local community. It is difficult, one month or maybe six months but years it is a long time, and it is a powerful experience.
In this time, however, you can understand the traditions and how the progress is changing these communities. And you can know that one thing despite the development doesn’t improve: the poverty condition of rural areas.
It is in this scenery that the criminals take the hands of their crimes.
The progress anyway, has even a right side, local administrations know now the importance of protecting wildlife.

So, which better way than employ people from local communities as rangers? Who more than they can love his country, his nature, his heritage?
From here start the story told from Toby Wosskow. In the villages of these rural areas lives together who become a ranger and who become a poacher.
Friends that become enemies, this is probably the more dramatic aspect of this cruel story.
It is the first time that this aspect of the poaching problem is showed explicitly. And we need to thanks Toby for his vision, his courage and his effort to help the Rhino protection.

Toby Wosskow
Toby Wosskow

About Rhino

We have to show the numbers regarding the Rhino war.
Everything starts with a cultural problem, in some parts of Asia the horn of Rhino is considered magic, or at least with curative properties, it is traditional medicine.
The formula of Rhino horn is Keratine, the same element of our nails. I think if it was something curative the conventional medicine should already use the Keratine. But it is difficult to speak with the vast Asian community.
In the black market, one single horn cost three hundred thousand dollars. It is a lot of money I know, but we need to considerate that Rhino is close to extinction because of traditional beliefs. Rhino is almost extinct because someone thinks his horn is magic and it is not true!

Extinction is forever

The following is the population estimated of rhino’s divided by species (source
Javan rhino 67
Sumatran rhino <80
Black rhino Between 5,040 and 5,458
Greater one-horned rhino 3,500+
White rhino Between 19,666 and 21,085

So like you can see the situation is terrible.


Protect wild animals is like protect yourself, they are part of the ecosystem, and without wild animals, the ecosystem will die.

I want to encourage you to watch even the “behind the scenes,” it is very nice.

You can visit the Sides Of a Horn site here

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