The Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard

Scientific Name: Panthera uncia
English name: Snow Leopard
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Link to Red List page: Panthera uncia

Classified as Vulnerable
IUCN red list classification as vulnerable

We want to introduce another Big Cat that in recent years has been seriously risking being extinct. The Snow Leopard is a beautiful animal and has a beautiful cloak. Among other things is one of the reasons that brought him close to extinction. It is a bit different from the African’s leopard.

Where to find:

The Snow Leopard is a cat populating the Himalayan mountains. He is present even in China and Russia, but overall its habitat touches 12 Central Asian countries.

Predominantly lives between 3000 and 4500 mt. asl.


Has a varying weight between 30 and 55 kilos and weighing between 70 and 130 cm plus the tail.


In its range of hunting, the snow leopard can push up to 6,000 mt of altitude. And then lower it during the winter under the two thousand mt.

He is a lonely and territorial animal, every specimen marks its own territory. That is hunting territory and strongly defends. Especially by the intrusion of other animals of the same species.


Nepal -Snow Leopards A peculiarity of this gorgeous animal is its diet. It is consisting of both prey animals and plants such as grass and leaves. Hunting in some actions is spectacular, being a great jumper. He can jump 10 mt ahead to 3/4 mt high landing on the prey and kill her.

There are no animals that are not preyed on by the snow leopard. Also, the yak even if is too big for him, even though he hunts alone. Among his favorite prey, however, there are hares and birds.
Snow Leopard can live up to 15-18 years and reach sexual maturity between 2 and 3 years.

Even here, as in many parts of the planet, we have to see the increase of the pasture. The decrease of the habitat decreases the number of prey available for the Snow Leopard. That increasingly attacks the breeding animals. As a result, unfortunately, like all over the world, farmers kill leopards. To eliminate the danger of losing their animals.

This is one of the major causes that in the past years put this animal in serious danger of extinction.

Fortunately, global awareness has led to very effective conservation programs. And from this year we can say that the Snow Leopard is no longer a serious threat of extinction. But has returned to the vulnerable animal area. We remember include races whose number of specimens is between 2500 and 10000.

Major risk:

Once again, unfortunately, we have to point out that the greatest danger to the wildlife of any dimension is the man. We hope in the future more and more people realize the importance of the conservation. And the importance of endangered species.

This to allow the biodiversity of which too few people have understood the importance at the global level.
Some associations have helped bring the Snow Leopard back out of the endangered zone. That are Snow Leopard Conservancy, Snow Leopard Trust, Panthera, and Global Snow Leopard. We invite you to visit their sites to deepen the knowledge of this beautiful animal.

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