Spectacled bear a brave climber

Spectacled bear a brave climber in South America

IUCN red list classification as vulnerable

Scientific Name: Tremarctos ornatus
English name: Spectacled bear or Andean bear
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Ursidae
Link to Red List page: Spectacled bear IUCN red list


The preferred habitat of spectacled bear is the humid forest of Sierra. Can be found from 500 to 2.700 mt of altitude, it depends on the latitude location. Rarely but they can have some excursions to the snow limit. In this region usually above 5000 mt. altitudes.


Males can weigh from 110 to 190 kg. The length can between 150 to 200 cm and the shoulder height is between 60 to 90 cm. Female is normally a third less than male. This species is smaller than other bear species. Especially if you compare with Polar, grizzly or Kodiak bears.

Where to find:

The spectacled bear is actually occupying mountains of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina. Someone sustain there is a small presence in Panama but if there is will be a very small population. A beautiful discover was to find by the Spectacled Bear Conservation of 65 specimens in the low elevation dry forest.

Spectacled bearLifestyle:

Spectacled Bear is one of smallest bear knowledge. In fact, his remote habitat joined to his shy character. And the solitary attitude didn’t permit to the scientists to study him up the recent years. So we don’t know a lot about him.

He is vegetarian, probably the more vegetarian of bears. He eats many threes the most common foods include cactus, bromeliads, palm nuts, bamboo hearts, frailejon, orchid bulbs, fallen fruit on the forest floor, and unopened palm leaves.

Occasionally he attacks and kills some animals like deer or lama. And sometimes even cattle but this is not demonstrated. His life is known only in captivity and is around 36. In the natural environment is estimated around 20.

Climbing attitude

The impressive characteristic of this bear is the climbing attitude. All bears climb but this is very impressive. It was filmed in rock walls very danger, watch the video below. On the trees, he climbs without problem up to 20/30 mt high. And he is usually creating a platform on the tree where he can protect himself and he can rest quite.

The spectacled bear is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN red list. The risk as usually can come from human/animals conflict. This bear loves even maize plantation. When is the season he can destroy a significant part of the cultivations.

Local people in this cases prefer to kill the animal. Thinking to solve the problem but like our readers know, it is a false solution. Because when you kill the bear you kill a part of the ecosystem and consequently you kill a part of you.

Dr. Robyn Appleton has found the Spectacled Bear Conservation in Peru. And through her and her team which now we can know more about the spectacled bear. And to protect him through a scientific approach. Her program includes involving the community with education and support.
Support even you Spectacled Bear Conservation

Major risk:

Climate change is as usually an important reason of threat. Is knowledge the habitat occupied by the spectacled bear is suffering the climate change. Strictly connected is the original habitat loss. For thousands of years, this territory was occupied and tapped by humans. And is estimated the 5% only of the original Andean forest remain.

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