Yellowstone grizzly hunting

Stop Trophy Hunting in British Columbia

Stop Trophy Hunting in British Columbia

Who like us work daily for to promote the safeguarding of wildlife and environment, is normally sad, every days we are sad, we work with hundreds of abuse, we reach continuously bad news about conservation and our loved animals and ecosystems. Is something don’t give peace to our minds. When one day, like today, you receive a news extremely positive, you start to lock around, you pinch your skin for to understand if you are dreaming or you are awake.
So when today I read this news from David Suzuki Foundation, almost I had a shock. I went to check if is not a fake news and when I read the news in the institutional site of British Columbia Government I was sure is not a dream.
British Colombia decided to listen the voice of his citizens, in October they was called for consultation, a pool where the Govern asked if is better to maintain the grizzly hunting or if is better to stop trophy hunting. The answer of population has been fantastic, 78 % of voters said no! we replace hunting with watching tourism, and we stop this criminal practice.

stop trophy hunting

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So the British Colombia Government has stopped the hunting with effect from 30 November 2017. Now the 300 grizzly bears killed every year they remain in their natural habitat and will be possible to watch they.
The Government said that will be necessary to have more consultation regarding the subsistence hunting and even regarding the managing strategy of wildlife.
I think we are on front of a double win, first the stop trophy hunting , and second not less important, the discover which when the citizens are well informed, they understand what is better for they self and their children future.
Voice of hunters and hunt lovers is going very high, they say the impact in the regional economy will high, any hunter spend 25 thousands dollar for a one trophy plus the logistic. This people have the brain in the wallet, their vision egoistic and immoral is becoming old, the world is collapsing and is because this kind of vision.
How is possible to think the life of a grizzly or an African Elephant or a lion can be bought with money? Are the money more important of the life? Human or animal is the same, there is no distinction in the life value.
This result in British Colombia is meaning that something is moving in the conscience of the people around the world, is only a small step, sure, but every big travel start from a step, it’s in our hands the happy ending of the travel.

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