Sudan The Last Northern White Rhinoceros

Sudan The Last White Northern Rhinoceros Is Gone

Sudan The Last White Northern Rhinoceros

When endangered wild animals die usually is a bad news. But when to die is the last specimens of one species the pain become big.  The indignation all around the world has been big. And not only in the animals lovers community. Why is so important the death of Sudan?

The white rhinoceros

There are two species of rhinoceros in Africa. Black rhinoceros and White rhinoceros are divided into two distinct subspecies, The Southern White Rhinoceros and the Northern White Rhinoceros. The Southern White Rhinoceros are classified by the red list IUCN as Near Threatened. The population is very fragmented and located in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. The last census in 2010 has been estimated 20.000 specimens alive.

The Northern White Rhinoceros is now EXTINCT. Sudan was the last specimen alive and now is gone.

What happens when an animal o vegetable species is extinct?

Sudan The rhinoceros
White Northern Rhinoceros By Lengai101, CC BY 3.0

This is the fundamental question of our era and must to become a worldwide question. People generally accept the extinction event, because they think is something not important. But is a big error, if you love yourself, your life, your family and you want to leave to the future generation a good legacy you need to refuse extinction.

When a species is extinct one brick of the biodiversity in an ecosystem is lost. It is like tomorrow in your body you lose a piece of one finger. You will survive but the quality of your life will be no more the same (maybe will become difficult to play guitar?).

Biodiversity needs to be protected or the quality of our life will be worse. Our environment is the base of our life. To live in a house unhealthy and dirty is not the same like to live in a clean and nice house. In the dirty house will be easiest to contract diseases. The same is for the environment, or we’ll maintain clean and nice or we’ll have big problems.

Northern White Rhinoceros is everything lost?

Apparently not, the semen of some specimens has been frozen in the past. Two female specimens remain of the Northern White Rhinoceros. The sister and her daughter of Sudan. So now the challenge will be to try the in vitro fecundation.

Another way is to research if in some remote areas there are maybe a specimen again alive. This theory is considered possible but very difficult.

How to wipe out an entire species

Some African countries are not ready to contrast the poaching issue. The Northern White Rhinoceros was located in Chad, Uganda, Sudan, RDC, and the Central African Republic. Those countries have been interested in civil wars and this has contributed to wiping out the rhinoceros. The poachers have not found any contrast in their criminal activities.

Anyway I think is not possible to look at the poachers as the origin of the problem. Poachers are the result of a cultural issue. So if the efforts will be directed to modify this cultures, will be possible to save the rhinoceros without risk the rangers and antipoaching units life.

Once again I will remark the horn of rhinoceros is made of Keratin!! Keratine is the material of our nails. Really do you think your nails have magic properties? I have the maximum respect for all the culture but when a tradition has a bad impact is necessary to change.

This is the big challenge if we want to save Rhino!!

In case you fill to help The Sudan project follow the link below to Ol Pejeta Conservancy. They worked hard for to protect Sudan. And they want to go ahead with the project. You can even visit Ol Pejeta Conservancy. It is a very good idea.   .

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