Black Rhinoceros an unlucky wild animal

Black Rhino

Black Rhinoceros Black Rhinoceros Scientific Name: Diceros bicornis English name: Black Rhinoceros Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Perissodactyla Family: Rhinocerotidae Link to Red List page: Black Rhinoceros red list Habitat: He lives usually in savanna and tropical bush Dimensions: A male stands between 150 to 185 cm high … Read more

Lion – The King Of The Forest

A couple of lions

Lion – The King Of The Forest Lion Habitat He prefers the savanna or small bush, but sometimes like in Asia it is possible to find in the forest. The population is between 16,000 and 47,000 but the trend is to decrease again. Unfortunately, is classified as Vulnerable, his decline … Read more

Big Five Africa tradition and marketing

Leopard Serengeti

The big five in Africa The term “big five” is meaning the five animals more aggressive. The origin is from colonial age, where the first safari hunters called big five. They are the five animals more aggressive and so more difficult to hunt. Actually, the term big five have large … Read more

Cecil The Lion The Cruel Truth About Killing

Cecil The Lion at Hwange National Park

Cecil The Lion – is died after many hours of agony Cecil the lion dies after many hours of agony and was a choice of his killer. A new book The new is so strong, as so was strong was the Cecile the lion death. In an article in National Geographic by Wildlife … Read more