Funny animals fishing in Alaska

Funny animals fishing Funny animals fishing Who has never dreamed of going to fish salmons in Alaska? It is a dream of many world’s fishermen, but are you sure this is a very safe sport? Watching this funny animals fishing video it appears not very safe or at least richRead More →

brown bear

Brown bear Brown bear Scientific Name: Ursus arctors English name: Brown bear – Grizzly bear Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Ursidae Link to Red List page: Brown Bear red list  Dimensions: The brown bear is big, is the biggest carnivore in the world, the dimension isRead More →

Alaska the land of bears and ices Country United States Of America Region/State Alaska Official Language English 86% native and other languages 14% Area 1.717.000 km q Population 736.000 Density 0.43 ab/kmq Capital city Juneau Largest city Anchorage Climate The Alaska climate is cold, everywhere you go is cold, justRead More →

In this short video we can see a couple of brown bears cubs playing with their mom, like all cubs are very nice and funny, they love play.  The Brown bear is almost totally vegetarian but he like fish a lotRead More →