Funny Animals A Graduate Rabbit

The Joke of the day A graduate rabbit A rabbit goes around all happy for the lawn because he is about to finish his thesis. At one point he meets a wolf, who obviously wants to eat it. The rabbit at least wants to graduate … Read more

Joke Of An Unlucky Goat

Joke of the day An unlucky goat A guy finds a well in the middle of a field. To try to understand how deep it is to decide to throw in a stone; he throws it but does not hear the latest after several seconds. … Read more

Funny wild animals moments

Joke of the day God and the animals A group of animals not happy with their physical appearance decided to rebel and therefore send a delegation directly to discuss with God. The delegation consisting of a Giraffe, an Elephant and a Hen arrives in Paradise … Read more

Funny Animals Videos

Funny Animals Videos Which better way then smile for start your day? Sometimes even the behavior of animals is funny, especially when there is the interaction with the humans. More difficult is to interact with the wild animals. In this case is better to wait … Read more