Funny parrots and his friends

Funny parrot in pose

Funny parrot Funny parrots – In London, a very elegant City banker with bowler hat, umbrella, cane and black suit meets a punk with red and green hair at a bus stop. The old banker looks at the punk with an air of disdain. Punk asks him: – Do you … Read more

The Ventriloquist

Funny Guinea Pig

The boss, curious, plays the game. The man then takes out a guinea pig from his pocket, places it on the counter and the animal stands on its two hind legs and begins to dance the polka. The boss reacts: “You’re right, I’ve never seen this before, it’s amazing – … Read more

Funny animals interaction domestic and wild

Squirrel funny

Is unbelievable, basically we think to wild animals like something untouchable, but this clips showing a different behavior, a lion with dogs, monkeys with cats, a tiger with a bear, discover in this amazing video the side sweet of the wide world.